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he Shaman is the healer, counselor and spiritual advisor of a community.

Shamanism is one of the oldest systems of being able to acquire information and accessing healing. For thousands of years, Shamans have worked in realms of reality that is beyond the world of what we know as the "scientific world" or the "factual world" of what we can see and touch.

The Shaman works in realms that lie beyond what can be seen by the naked eye, of what we know as "ordinary reality." The Shaman is able to work in both worlds, including "non-ordinary reality." The Shaman interacts with the world of spirit on behalf of another person. This type of assistance provides healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Walter Rice offers Shamanic Healing to individuals with personal issues, sufferings and blockages that are stuck in their soul. Shamanic Healing Services With Walter RiceShamanic Healing helps to restore the person to wholeness.

Shamanic healing focuses on restoring and healing the energy balance of the person through the following:
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Extraction
  • Power Animal Retrieval

Soul retrieval is a ceremony where the Shaman journeys to the spirit world on behalf of the person requesting this form of healing. The function of this ceremony is to find and retrieve the lost part of the soul and the essence of this person. The Shaman finds and brings it back and restores it. The purpose of this ceremony is not to relive the trauma. It is about healing, restoring and returning back to you the strengths and energies that are rightfully yours from birth.


Extraction is a ceremony where the Shaman also journeys to the spirit world. The purpose of this process is to remove negative forms of energies (pain, discomfort) that have built up over the years. The focus is to have this negative energy be transmuted and changed into positive energy and to bring balance and healing to the individual.


Individuals practice belief in the spiritual world in many ways, beliefs that provide them with spiritual protection and assistance: by attending church services, saying prayers, intercessions to God, praying the rosary, belief in the Saints or Angels, etc.

Eagle Totem - spirit representative of power animalsOther individuals believe in the power of nature, in nature spirits that will provide them with spiritual protection and assistance. On behalf of the person requesting this form of healing, the Shaman journeys by retrieving a power animal from the spirit world that will help restore and heal the personal energy and power that the person lost or had stolen.

Power animals assist in restoring a person's lost power, resulting in:
  • A feeling of increased vitality,
  • Improved health,
  • Confidence
  • And sense of security.

The Healing Powers Of Shamanism

Individuals have reported being energetically healed or restored from the following issues:
  • Physical Pain
  • Emotional Pain
  • Spiritual Pain
  • Anger, Fear, Shame, Grief
  • Depression, Anxiety & Stress
  • Feelings Of Emptiness Or Disconnected
  • Improved Relationships

About Walter Rice, Shamanic Practitioner

Walter Rice has received and studied with the following Shamanic Instructors:
  1. Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds Society, "Healing the Light Body" 1998 - 2000, Cumberland, RI.
  2. Nan Moss & David Corbin, "Introduction to Shamanism" 2002, Boston, MA.
  3. Leontine Hartzell, The Eye of the Eagle, 2006 -2008, Plainfield, MA. Two year Program in Shamanic Studies
  4. Introduction to the Peruvian Shaman's Mesa
  5. Healing with Plant Spirits
  6. Rainbow Healing: Healing the Chakras with Light and Sound
Shamanic Healing Services With Walter RiceShamanic healing is an ancient spiritual method of healing that deals with the spiritual aspect of illness. Since this form of healing deals with the spiritual aspect of illness, there is no way to predict the results that will manifest emotionally or physically.

Walter Rice, Shamanic Practitioner, is not a licensed physician or surgeon. Shamanic healing does not replace the need for traditional psychological and medical treatment.

Call Walter Rice at 1-508-450-4230 today about his Shamanic healing services.

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Walter P. Rice, MA, CAGS, M.DIV., LCSW, CHT, Reiki Master

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