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The Four Step
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Stress Reduction
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 • Learn to manage stress with ease.
 • Learn to do more with less stress.
 • Learn to be in touch with who you are.

Does stress drag you down? Do you find that the activities you are doing just aren't cutting it? Are you interested and curious enough to explore the possibility of learning "what are the symptoms of inner peace?"

If your answers are yes, then you'll gain much from working with Walter P. Rice of Holistic Spiritual Healing Services. Mr. Rice is an experienced Mind, Body, Spirit Counselor whose interest is helping others learn stress management techniques.

Learn how to deal with stress.
You will learn about relaxation and breathing exercises and about the benefits of relieving stress by exercise. You'll address the causes of stress and learn about the diseases and illnesses that are stress related. You'll also learn about mindfulness meditation and Qi Gong.

Our stress relief program will introduce you to creating inner harmony and will help you to manage the responsibilities of your external world.

The benefits of meeting with Walter Rice will be the following:
  1. Learn stress management techniques that will help you reduce and manage your stress.
  2. Lower your anxiety.
  3. Improve upon your quality of life.
  4. Learn inner skills that will help to improve your coping abilities.
  5. Become familiar with your stress patterns.
  6. Learn how to use quiet time that will be of service to you.
  7. Become more engaged and connected with yourself and your life.
You will learn self-help skills and self-healing abilities that you will need for the promotion of your continued health and wellness.

Call us at 1-508-450-4230 for a free half-hour introductory session to our stress relief management healing services.

Holistic Spiritual Healing Services
Walter P. Rice, MA, CAGS, M.DIV., LCSW, CHT, Reiki Master

The Four Step Approach To Stress Reduction

Mind/Body Medicine For Stress Relief

Become Stress Hardy

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