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or the past year, I have been working with Walter for sprirtual counseling.

My life is richer for his healing presence. He has empowered me to the place I am today, living and breathing in the moment and having the ability to overcome my fears. Through his wisdom, he has guided me to creating for myself, an openness to being an instrument of God's healing grace. I've grown in love and have the ability to recognize my strengths and weaknesses.

I highly recommend Walter for anyone who wants to gain insight into the meaning of their life.

Thank you, Walter, for helping me reconnect with my soul. You are truly a gift.

Emily Fisher, RN B.S.


alter Rice is an excellent teacher of Qi Gong.

He has very open and non-judgmental style of teaching. Walter has a very calming presence. He has very good insight about what causes stress.

Using Qi Gong, I have been able to control stress, and therefore some of the pain from my arthritis.

I highly recommend Walter Rice.

Shelley Feinstein, Shrewsbury, MA

y great interest in Walter Rice's Qi Gong class stems from a certain familiarity with Eastern thought, as compared with Western medicine. I have studied Tai Chi and Kung Fu, and traveled several times to China.

In many classes with Walter, I have come to understand more deeply how the mind can control the body.

His style is very gentle and calming, and I have seen Walter help many students better cope with stress, pain, and even breathing difficulties.

Dr. Leo Feinstein, Shrewsbury, MA


orking with Walter has been a powerful life enhancing experience.

His ability to reflect upon my words and allow me to understand them has helped guide me to true self awareness.

His nonjudgemental approach to listening has helped to clarify difficult matters and has left me feeling empowered to make correct decisions at times when the truth may be unclear.

His honesty and integrity are a true gift.

He has both my trust and respect, and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their lives.

Jack Fisher


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