It's about time you make time for YOU!
Focus on your natural healing abilities
Find peace and healing within

Find A Centered Peaceful You

At Holistic/Spiritual Healing Services, Walter Rice can teach you self-help skills to lower your anxiety, reduce your stress and control your worries. He will help you to connect and resolve wounds that come from your Ancestors. He will teach how to make peace and healing with the past as well as for the future.

He'll show you how to manage your fears, your frustrations and your negative thoughts. He'll help you revitalize your Mind, Body & Spirit by focusing on your body's natural healing abilities, on your lifestyle choices and on complementary and alternative healing practices.

And he'll help you find spiritual solutions for your life problems. A centered, peaceful you is the best gift you can give to your family — and, most importantly, to yourself.

Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit is a very personal process. There are many ways that one can go about doing this. The Services listed on the right are ways to help heal and cope with your Inner Self and the Outside World around you.

Isn't it about time to make time for you?