Tuesdays With Walter

One Person's Journey With Walter Rice

Mitch Album had his "Tuesdays with Morrie"...
I shall be forever grateful for my "Tuesdays with Walter"

"Feeling at home and in harmony with one's self and our world is a birthright. Life's challenges and pain bodies often impede the path or paths to balance in body, mind, and spirit."

"In 2006 my world, as I knew it, crumbled. The company I had worked for, and ultimately managed for 21 years, had been dissolved and cast off into different directions under new owners. Hundreds of jobs were lost. This event was shortly followed by the surprise crumbling of a marriage I valued more than anything in the world other than my three daughters. The spinning plates of my life, that I had spent so much time trying to keep in perpetual motion, came crashing down. I was in free fall... confusion, internal and external blame, self-doubt and depression were my constant companions. For the first time in my life I knew I needed professional help."

"I had studied to varying degrees the teachings of Gary Zukav, Eckhart Tolle and the Buddha so it seemed to make sense to seek out a holistic approach to counseling rather than using conventional methods. Every other Tuesday or so, I met with Walter Rice for a series of 90 minute sessions. Using a number of different holistic methods, Walter patiently taught me how to quiet my mind, seek answers from within and guidance from a spiritual source. He helped me to heal wounds from the recent and distant past and gain insight into self-defeating habits... changing them to self-enhancing patterns."

"I learned about acceptance and the power in dissolving negativity and how to send it back to its source. I came to understand how not to judge things and people as good or bad and how to be "present" rather than reliving the past or inventing future problems that may or may not happen."

"As with anything, there were bumps along the road. Lifelong habits are hard to break and the ego loves the comfort of chaos and the pain of negativity. However, I began to notice that with each session it took Walter less and less time to "re-center me" so new lessons could be taught and the walls of my "created reality" could be torn down and replaced with the reality of the moment. Slowly I was finding there was more and more space around my problems... space that allowed my mind to quiet and peace to enter my soul. It didnt happen overnight, but eventually I emerged as the type of person I always wanted to be and ready for the next moment's adventure! "

"Mitch Album had his "Tuesdays with Morrie"... I shall be forever grateful for my "Tuesdays with Walter" as they armed me with the tools and confidence to find the joy in being in harmony with my full self and at peace in the world. I would highly recommend a similar journey toward enlightenment under Walter's able guidance... a life-changing journey to anyone who wants to regain their birthright to feel at home and in harmony with one's self and our world."

"Thank you, Walter!"

Dick Bertrand, Shrewsbury MA