Family Constellations

You are invited to participate in a process that assists not only healing yourself but also the Ancestors of the Past and the Future that lies ahead of you.


Whether you know it or not, everyone has been wounded in some way and we often carry on the wounds of the family, including our Ancestors within us. Often we are not aware consciously of the unresolved issues of the family and the Ancestors until they have been identified. We also may carry on or be effected by the energetic wounds from our ancestors including illness, mental health, past wars, physical or emotional abuse, incest or abandonment.

Explore Family Constellation therapy with Walter Rice You have probably found yourself going to a Counselor, a Psychologist or Psychiatrist and may be on medications to help monitor your anxiety, sadness, depression and unexplained symptoms of the mind that keep causing much emotional and physical pain. This is not to say that it doesn't help to quiet the symptoms but it seems to never address the cause behind the cause. It appears that the medications help to ease the pain and tends to mask the issues. You may find yourself going for many years and still feel the pain and the conflict.

Family Constellations can be an option to address such conflict as described. If you come to me, we will look at your family system and the effects of your Ancestors upon your present life. It is through this systemic process that we will be able to identify the reality of what exists. We will look at how you fit within the family and whether you do or not feel connected. The goal will be to help you feel and become reconnected within the family system.


The identified features that often exist within a family can be long standing conflicts:

    The family tree in family constellations
  • conflicts with your mother and father;
  • conflicts with their own parents;
  • conflict with siblings;
  • family secrets;
  • miscarriages and stillborns not considered part of the family;
  • an early death in the family;
  • a murder may have occurred;
  • physical and emotion abuse;
  • abandonment;
  • abortions;
  • the effects of war and illness;
  • mental health;
  • incest;
  • divorce;
  • an individual may have been adopted and feels the disconnect from the natural mother and father;
  • problems that result from being a Mommy's boy or Daddy's girl.

If you find yourself stuck and are interested in healing from a deeper and holistic perspective, then give Family Constellations a try. You can read about Bert Hellinger online, the founder of the movement of Family Constellations for further information.

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Walter P. Rice, MA, CAGS, M.DIV., CHT, Reiki Master

"Walter is a dedicated practitioner of Family Constellations. He has completed and graduated from The Constellation Approach™ Immersion Program, a three-year comprehensive program blending Family Constellations and Energy Medicine. He has further studied with many of the leading facilitators of Family Constellations from the United States and Europe. Walter brings wide-ranging professional and life experience into his work with clients. His depth of understanding, sincerity and kindness provide the beneficial attributes for anyone seeking guidance for health, well-being and family healing."
~~ Jamy & Peter Faust, Founders, The Constellation Approach™