Frequently Asked Questions about Holistic Spiritual Counseling

What is holistic counseling?

If you've had counseling in the past from either a psychologist or psychiatrist, you know that some of their concerns will be: what are the behaviors, thoughts and feelings that impact on you and those around you in your life.

This group of therapists will give you a diagnosis, set up a cognitive/behavioral treatment plan and possibly prescribe medication to help you manage how you behave.

The Holistic Spiritual Counselor will also include the behaviors, thoughts and feelings, but he will work with you from a Mind, Body, Spirit Model perspective. Simply put, it means that the Holistic Spiritual Counselor works from the premise that if the body feels miserable, it is the result of negative thinking and feelings and low spiritual energy.

When the spirit of the person is low, it affects the body as well as how one feels and thinks. The Holistic Spiritual Counselor sees this connection with the Mind, Body and Spirit and works with the individual from this perspective.

What can a Holistic Spiritual Counselor do for me that is different from a traditional therapist?

The Holistic Spiritual Counselor will listen with compassion and will view each situation and presenting issue from a Mind, Body, Spirit Model.

He'll assess your coping skills and evaluate your strengths. He'll help you create new goals -- and he'll show you how to realize those goals.

The Holistic Spiritual Counselor will be your guide. He'll teach you self-help empowerment skills to increase your coping ability, lower your anxiety and enhance your spiritual connection with your Higher Power (God).

What is Holistic Spiritual Counseling?

Just as you have physical, emotional, psychological and intellectual needs, you can have very strong spiritual needs as well.

Have you ever experienced a time when you didn't feel connected with yourself, the world, nature or your Higher Power (God)?

When your counselor is both comfortable with and competent to include spirituality into the focus of a counseling situation, it's very helpful and empowering. At Holistic Spiritual Counseling Services, we focus on the Mind, Body and Spirit of the whole person.

How is this different from seeing a Priest, Rabbi or Minister of my Church?

The Holistic Spiritual Counselor does not address your religious beliefs. He explores with you the spiritual aspects of your life that need to be healed and incorporated back into your life.

Is there a difference between what is religious and what is spiritual?

Yes, there is a difference between what is religious and what is spiritual.

A person can have a spiritual practice without being religious and without going to Church. As well as a person can have a religious practice but not feel spiritually connected.

The Holistic Spiritual Counselor works with the individual to find their spiritual path, how to stay connected with their Higher Power, to manifest gifts from the universe, and how to become aware of the peace and love that exists within you and the world.

What type of new learning tools can the Holistic Spiritual Counselor teach me?

You'll learn personal self-help breathing and relaxation exercises, new stress management strategies and skills. You'll learn to listen to your body when it is tense and how to be in touch with your inner spiritual power and ability to relax and let go.

You'll have the option of receiving a Reiki sound table treatment, toning, acutonics tuning forks, Emotional Freedom Technique, Guided Imagery for self-healing, and Qi Gong for wellness. You'll have the option of learning Mindfulness Meditation and other meditation practices that help your mind and body to relax and restore joy and peace within.

You will also have the option of learning to reconnect spiritually with your Ancestors, to explore how the wounds and pain of the past have had an effect upon your family system and how the wounds of the Ancestors may affect you now.