Mind/Body Medicine for Stress Reduction

Repeating the phrase "I AM CALM" quietly in your Mind, with a focus on your breathing, is a simple and powerful self-healing technique to use anytime for yourself.

  • Gently give yourself the instruction to close your eyes.

  • Take three deep breaths and let each one out slowly.

  • With your eyes still closed, give attention ot how your breath comes in and goes out from your nose. There is no need to change the rhythm or pattern of your breath.

  • After 15 - 30 seconds of paying attention to the feeling of your breath coming in out of your nose, you are ready to proceed to the next step.

  • You will now begin breathing in the words "I AM" on the in breath and the word "CALM" on the out breath. The message, "I AM CALM," is a powerful reminder and affirmation from the Mind to the Body to let go.

The repetition of "I AM CALM" silently in your mind with the in and out breaths for 3 - 5 minutes will elicit a relaxation response. Your body lets go and responds with relaxation. The result is an inner created felt sense of peace and stillness that brings about much benefit for the Mind, Body & Spirit.

The use of this technique is accumulative. The more often you do use this technique, the more inner self-power you will develop. Do it anytime, anywhere.

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Walter P. Rice