"I am more peaceful, integrated and fully human.
Working with Walter has had a significant impact on my life ..."

"I first met Walter two and a half years ago at a real "low" time in my life.

I had been struggling with depression and anxiety since I was a teenager and had sought traditional counseling for 20 years. Those modalities were helpful to an extent but there was always something missing. In my previous counseling sessions was no real spiritual component, no talk of a mind-body-spirit connection."

"Within just a few meetings with Walter, I was given some concrete tools/exercises to work with towards my healing. These tools incorporated a comprehensive "holistic" approach towards healing and wellness that emphasized the mind-body-spirit connection."

"Walter acts as a guide and is a true healer. He is clear, direct, compassionate and fully present when we meet. He challenges me in a safe and effective way and has helped me see myself and my unhelpful patterns more clearly."

"I am more peaceful, integrated and fully human. Working with Walter has had a significant impact on my life and I highly recommend him for anyone who is interested in achieving similar results."

Christine M. Croteau, Worcester, MA


"Walter is a therapist's therapist."

"He not only has the uncanny ability to perceive underlying issues, but also has the tools to assist people with resolution and healing."

SP, Auburn, MA


"Working with Walter has been a true gift."

"His holistic techniques, gentle approach, sense of trust, and genuine compassion has opened my eyes to a whole new world of awareness, mindfulness, and sense of peace that has made a profound and positive difference in my life. Through his various teaching methods he has revealed to me a softer more effective way in dealing with all of life's challenges."

"I have experienced a tremendous amount of personal growth since working with Walter and believe you will too. He is a great mentor and I plan to work with him for the foreseeable future. Thank you so much Walter."

William Galonek Jr., Sturbridge MA

"Working with Walter has been a powerful life enhancing experience."

"His ability to reflect upon my words and allow me to understand them has helped guide me to true self awareness."

"His nonjudgemental approach to listening has helped to clarify difficult matters and has left me feeling empowered to make correct decisions at times when the truth may be unclear."

"His honesty and integrity are a true gift."

"He has both my trust and respect, and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their lives."

Jack Fisher


"For the past year, I have been working with Walter for spiritual counseling."

"My life is richer for his healing presence. He has empowered me to the place I am today, living and breathing in the moment and having the ability to overcome my fears. Through his wisdom, he has guided me to creating for myself, an openness to being an instrument of God's healing grace. I've grown in love and have the ability to recognize my strengths and weaknesses."

"I highly recommend Walter for anyone who wants to gain insight into the meaning of their life."

"Thank you, Walter, for helping me reconnect with my soul. You are truly a gift."

Emily Fisher, RN B.S.


"Walter Rice provides a calm and interestingly collected environment."

"Walter Rice provides a calm and interestingly collected environment that sheds light on the science of spirituality. You will discover your inner self again during what could be a treacherous time in one's life. "

ST, Southbridge, MA